ISO 27001 all-in-one Management solution.

Get things done faster and more easily, maximizing
your effectiveness and efficiency!


Integrated Environment

All modules have been designed to communicate between themselves to improve the effectiveness of your Management Processes

Toolset for Measuring Results

Managing and Reporting is a fundamental aspect of the Information Security Management Processes, you can customize how you want to see your Security Metrics

Custom Workflows

Each process may be configured according to it's own requisites and workflow allowing a adequate tracking and control of each activity

Alerts and Notifications

Configure when and how you want to get notified whenever something occurs or is out of track

Risk Management

Risk Management is a fundamental process of your ISMS and it's approached in a fully integrated environment taking it to the next level

Document Management

Your ISMS documents and it's versions can all be stored, shared, published and integrated with all other ISMS processes in an easy to use interface

Activities Sheduling and Assignment

ISMS Processes don't go "live" if they don't flow from the documents to the real-life activities and 27001Manager actively allows that transition by assigning them to users

Reporting and Logging

Evidence collection and management is fundamental in any Auditing and Certification Process and 27001Manager will automatically collect logs of your ISMS Activities for auditing purpose

    Traditional ISMS
Integrated Environment  
Toolset for Measuring Results  
Custom Workflows  
Alerts and Notifications  
Risk Management   SpreadSheets or Standalone tools
Document Management   File Sharing and Word Processors
Activities Scheduling and Tracking   Email and calendar
Reporting and Logging   Manual
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Picking the right toolset

Our solution was designed by a consulting team that thoroughly understands the needs of large organisations in regard to implementing, operating and managing an ISMS.

Achieve and mantain compliance efficiently

27001 Manager allows you to plan repetitive activities easily by choosing a recurrence interval and adding custom alerts to recall that certain tasks are approaching.

Use your workflows

27001 Manager supports your pre-established workflows allowing you to replicate and apply them. Once that's done you can start handling any processes the way you need.

Keep a close watch on what's happening

27001 Manager allows you to check the preloaded dashboard indicators, add custom indicators and follow activities closely getting immediate notifications.


How can I subscribe to your service?

Please contact us to schedule a demo and to receive our commercial proposal.

What are the requirements to hire your service?

Internet connectivity is the only requirement needed to operate and manage an ISMS.

Can I upgrade my subscribed service?

Yes, 27001 Manager is a monthly payment subscription. You can upgrade your subscribed service at any time, however it will be effective only from the 1st day of the next month.

What makes your service better than others available online?

The typical operation and management of an ISMS is carried out in several different environments from ticketing platforms, file sharing, email, among others, which ends up increasing the entropy of the processes. At 27001 Manager you can get things done faster and more easily, maximizing your effectiveness and efficiency.

How do I reset my Password for the Web Management Platform?

Your account administrator can at any time issue a temporary access token that is sent by email. This will allow you to enter the platform and change your password. You can also use the self help on your login page “Can’t access your account?” Click on this link and enter your registered email address.

INTEGRITY is an ISO 27001 certified company specialized in Information Security and IT Consulting

In fact, we offer services that allow our clients to have their information secure against potential incidents or security attacks.

We support our clients in the implementation and adoption of controls used for effectively reducing the risk, namely through the implementation of Standards and Best Practices in what regards to Information Security management.

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INTEGRITY is a certified company that is focused on its clients’ information protection and rights, as well as on providing a world class service based on Industry Standards and best practices.

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International reference and standard in Information Security Management. Its principle is to adopt a set of requirements, processes and controls to manage organization risk properly. The goal of the accreditation has been the protection of our clients projects information.

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INTEGRITY is the only Portuguese company approved by CREST in what relates to its Penetration Testing services, that took into account all the Technical and Management issues of Penetration Testing.

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International reference and standard in Quality Management. The aim of INTEGRITY certification has been Consulting, Audit and Advisory in Information Security and Implementation of Management Systems.

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INTEGRITY provides service to a considerable number of large and medium-sized companies both at a national and international level. If you wish to find more about our references and our projects, we will be happy to arrange a meeting with you.











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